Top 100 Golf Courses of the British Isles

I got this book to review over the summer, and have been waiting for it to show up at Amazon so my US readers could get it if they wanted … but its already the holiday season, and its still not showing up … so I’ll review it anyway and leave you to your own devices to find a copy …

The Top 100 Golf Courses is a gorgeous little book that offers reviews and commentary on the best courses of Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. While its unlikely that I’ll ever get a chance to play any of those courses (hard to do international travel on a teacher’s salary), the pictures are gorgeous, and I’ve spent more than a few moments browsing and dreaming.

It’s a small book, so it doesn’t quite qualify as a coffee table display piece, yet it has found a place on one of ours. People who visit like to pick it up and browse.

If you are going on a golf holiday to tbe British Isles (or if you live there), I’d say that this is a book that you must get a copy of.  Each course is rated using a 1 – 6 golf balls scale. And reading the commentaries will let you know if the course that you’re planning to play really fits your style.

(I find that I often don’t really enjoy the highly ranked courses. But if the guidebook offers a commentary on the play and feel of a course, I have a better feel for whether I would like it.)

All in all, its a great little book.

You also should visit the website: Top 100 Golf Courses of the British Isles

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