Torrey Pines Video Tour

Torrey Pines Video Tour

I visited San Diego in 2007 and played a round at Torrey Pines (as well as visiting Legoland and the famous San Diego Zoo with my lads). Here’s a photo montage / tour I put together.

It was a fun round, but I remember clearly being very frustrated by the grass. It was very spongy, and although balls sat up on top, the strange texture snagged my club and took a lot of distance from me. Very different stuff from what I’m used to here in the midwest.


Torrey Pines Video Tour

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  1. Hey! It’s an amazing place right!
    I had the chance to play the south course on a perfect summers Avro in June 013. The grass you are talking about I believe is called Kikuyu. I was lucky enough to grow up playing on this grass back home at Ohope Int, New Zealand. You dead right about how it feels to play on, if you catch the ball just alittle heavy you known all about it. But once you become comfortable with it you can hit just about any shot in the game you want, plus as an added bonus it is very low maintenance for the course staff. The magic Riviera Country Club is also another good example of a Kikuyu based course.


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