Total Golf Trainer Review

Total Golf Trainer Review
Total Golf Trainer Review

Total Golf Trainer Review

Total Golf Trainer
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Good feedback to let you find the correct positions in the swing.

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Total Golf Trainer (TGT) recently sent one of their TGT 3.0 packages for review. The system includes four flexible rods topped by foam balls and three devices for attaching those to your body, all enclosed in a nice zippered carry case. As a bonus, it also came with a couple of foam practice balls and a pair of sunglasses.

What I like most about TGT is its simplicity. The rods attach to your hip, to your forearm or to the butt end of a club. From there, you either try to avoid — or make contact with — the soft rod and foam ball at various points in the swing. If you don’t (or if you do), you know instantly.

Total Golf Trainer Review.  Hip Attachment
The hip attachment for the Total Golf Trainer.

Which attachment you use depends upon what swing fault you are trying to fix. I struggle with hip rotation, and throwing the club over the top. Using the TGP Hip Trainer has, I think, helped with that.

Here’s a good video on how the hip trainer works.

Basic Use of The Total Golf Trainer Hip

After a couple of weeks of occasional work with the TGT on the hip setting, I feel as though I have a better sense of how things should feel on the course. Even with the very limited time we’ve had to play golf here in Michigan while under “stay at home” orders in this pandemic (and with the unusually cold weather), I am ahead of my usual spring game.

And another good video.

Using the Total Golf Trainer To Learn To Clear The Hips

I’ve also been using the hip attachment to work on my chipping. With the attachment on the right hip, parallel to the line, it keeps my hands from coming too far inside for a more consistent move.

Again, I can’t describe it as well as it is shown in the video below:

Chipping Practice With The Total Golf Trainer

Using the three different attachments in various settings, TGT allows a player to work on a variety of swing issues, including

  • Incorrect Wrist Set
  • Extreme Open Or Closed Club Face
  • Sucking The Club Inside On The Takeaway
  • Too Laid Off Or Across The Line At Top Of The Backswing
  • Loss Of Width, Tendency To Over Swing
  • Over The Top Downswing Move
  • Casting Or Early Release Of The Club On The Downswing
  • Loss Of Posture, Early Extension At Impact
  • Flipping Or Scooping
Total Golf Trainer Review. Club attachment.
The club butt attachment for the Total Golf Trainer

If you want to work on avoiding flipping and scooping, work with the club butt attachment.

Total Golf Trainer Review. Forearm attachment
The forearm attachment for the Total Golf Trainer.

The forearm attachment can help you to feel a flat lead wrist and develop lag.

Just don’t attach them all at the same time. You want to avoid looking like Kevin Costner in that infamous scene in Tin Cup.

Construction on the TGT is good. The plastic on the clips seem durable. I would expect those to last a long time. The flexible rods also seem as though they will stand up to use. They are composed of several twisted wires covered by a soft foam. I think it’s possible that the foam balls could get torn off, but not if you are careful.

Overall, the Total Golf Trainer offers a simple and versatile set of tools for improving your swing. It offers solid feedback that has helped me develop better feel for the positions of the swing.

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