Toto Japan Classic Winners and History


The Toto Japan Classic is jointly sanctioned by the LPGA Tour and the LPGA of Japan. It has been played since 1973, and has been an official money event for the LPGA since 1976

Annika Sörenstam won the tournament five consecutive times from 2001 to 2005.

Toto is a supplier of toilets and other bathroom fixtures.

Past tournament names:

  • 1973–1974, LPGA Japan Classic
  • 1975: Japan Classic
  • 1976: LPGA/Japan Mizuno Classic
  • 1977–1979: Mizuno Japan Classic
  • 1980–1992: Mazda Japan Classic
  • 1993–1997: Toray Japan Queens Cup
  • 1998: Japan Classic
  • 1999–2014: Mizuno Classic
  • 2015–2017: Toto Japan Classic

A list of winners of the Toto Japan Classic follows

2018Nasa HataokaJapan202 (-14)Seta Golf Course, North Course
2017Shanshan Feng (2)China197 (-19)Taiheiyo Club, Minori Course
2016Shanshan FengChina203 (-13)Taiheiyo Club, Minori Course
2015Ahn Sun-juSouth Korea200 (−16)POKashikojima Country Club in Shima
2014Mi Hyang LeeSouth Korea205 (−11)POKashikojima Country Club in Shima
2013Teresa LuTaiwan202 (−14)Kashikojima Country Club in Shima
2012Stacy LewisUnited States205 (−11)Kashikojima Country Club in Shima
2011Momoko Ueda?(2)Japan200 (−16)POKashikojima Country Club in Shima
2010Jiyai Shin?(2)South Korea198 (−18)Kashikojima Country Club in Shima
2009Bo Bae SongSouth Korea201 (−15)Kashikojima Country Club in Shima
2008Jiyai ShinSouth Korea201 (−15)Kashikojima Country Club in Shima
2007Momoko UedaJapan203 (−13)Kashikojima Country Club in Shima
2006Karrie WebbAustralia202 (−14)Kashikojima Country Club in Shima
2005Annika Sorenstam (5)Sweden195 (−21)Seta Golf Course
2004Annika Sorenstam (4)Sweden194 (−22)Seta Golf Course
2003Annika Sorenstam (3)Sweden192 (−24)Seta Golf Course
2002Annika Sorenstam (2)Sweden201 (−15)Seta Golf Course
2001Annika SorenstamSweden203 (−13)Musashigaoka Golf Course
2000Lorie KaneCanada204 (−12)POSeta Golf Course
1999Maria HjorthSweden201 (−15)Seta Golf Course
1998Hiromi KobayashiJapan205 (−11)POMusashigaoka Golf Course
1997Liselotte Neumann (2)Sweden205 (−11)Seta Golf Course
1996Mayumi HiraseJapan212 (−4)POTone Golf Club
1995Woo-Soon Ko (2)South Korea207 (−9)Seta Golf Course
1994Woo-Soon KoSouth Korea206 (−7)Oak Hills Country Club
1993Betsy King (2)United States205 (−11)Lions Country Club
1992Betsy KingUnited States205 (−11)Musashigaoka Golf Course
1991Liselotte NeumannSweden211 (−5)Seta Golf Course
1990Debbie Massey (2)United States1331 (−11)Musashigaoka Golf Course
1989Elaine CrosbyUnited States205 (−11)Seta Golf Course
1988Patty Sheehan (2)United States206 (−10)POMusashigaoka Golf Course
1987Yuko MoriguchiJapan206 (−10)Musashigaoka Golf Course
1986Ai-Yu TuTaiwan213 (−3)POLions Country Club
1985Jane BlalockUnited States206 (−10)Musashigaoka Golf Course
1984Nayoko Yoshikawa?Japan210 (−6)POHiroshima Country Club
1983Pat Bradley?United States206 (−10)Musashigaoka Golf Course
1982Nancy Lopez?United States207 (−9)Melshin-Yokaichi Country Club
1981Patty Sheehan?United States213 (−9)Sagamihara Golf Club
1980Tatsuko Ohsako?Japan213 (−9)POHanayashiki Golf Club
1979Amy Alcott?United States211 (−11)Hanayashiki Golf Club
1978Michiko Okada?Japan216 (−6)POHanayashiki Golf Club
1977Debbie Massey?United States220 (−2)Hanayashiki Golf Club
1976Donna Caponi?United States217 (−5)Hanayashiki Golf Club
1975Shelley Hamlin?United States218 (−1)Ibaraki Kokusai Golf Club
1974Chako Higuchi?Japan218 (−4)Horyuju Country Club
1973Jan Ferraris?United States216 (E)Shin Sode-Gahara Country Club

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