Tour Chips In To Save PGA Tour Radio

While I’ve never had the spare cash to get a subscription to satellite radio, I’ve always thought it would be nice to get the PGA Tour channel on XM/Sirius. The station broadcast 26 hours of tournament coverage each week, and has a spate of morning shows. In fact, GolfBlogger.Com was lucky enough to get a live mention on the air on that channel a couple of years ago.

I had always assumed that the channel was a product of the PGA Tour itself, but it turns out that was in error. Steve Ellling of CBS Sports recently reported that XM/Sirius had come to an agreement with the PGA Tour to extend their broadcast agreement. Under the new terms, however, the PGA Tour for the first time will pay for the on-air talent, and for a part of the production costs. It seems that the PGA Tour decided that the XM/Sirius channel was to valuable to let it go.

Here’s hoping that Directv decides the same thing about the Golf Channel.

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