Tour Edge Jmax Carbon Driver

Tour Edge is a midwestern (Illinois) company with solid midwestern values. They’re not fancy, they don’t pay any pros to play their clubs, don’t do a lot of national advertising and they deliver good value at a good price. I own an older model Tour Edge driver that played very well for me for a couple of years. (It was one of several, including an Adams, a Peerless, and a Golfworks that I rotated).

The latest from Tour Edge is the Tour Edge Bazooka Jmax Carbon Driver. It has a carbon crown and a thin titanium face. The lighter materials allow Tour Edge to distribute weight to the perimeter of the club to encourage either a draw or a fade bias (I’d get the fade bias).

The best part about this club, though, is the price. You can get it for right around $250.

For me, that’s a good price point for a storebought club (you can, of course, build one for less).

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