Tour Sponsor UBS Under Scrutiny

It’s starting to sound like a broken record. (For the young ‘uns out there, records were circular pieces of black vinyl that had grooves etched into them. When put on a player, they emitted sound—usually music. When scratched, the records would skip and play the same sounds over and over again.)

UBS, which is a sponsor of the Tour’s Players’ Championship apparently has fallen under scrutiny for its financial dealings. Switzerland’s largest bank, UBS has agreed to pay the US $780 million to settle tax accounts. The bank is accused of helping 17,000 US clients avoid their taxes.

UBS isn’t in any financial trouble, but it sure doesn’t look good for the PGA Tour’s reputation. Imagine: The Players Championship—brought to you by UBS, the preferred bank of tax cheats every where.

The story is developing …

2 thoughts on “Tour Sponsor UBS Under Scrutiny”

  1. This is getting funnier everday! I don’t think GOLF is as honest as everyone thinks it is and at the same time it’s SAD!

  2. Not sure, that might be a good marketing ploy.  Can I redirect my direct deposit to UBS?  Because I am not real thrilled about paying for everyone else’s bad financial decisions.  I have enough of those on my own, and I need to keep my money to cover that.


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