Trakline Kore Essentials Belt Review

Trakline Core Essentials Buckle


Trakline Core Essentials Belt

Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Sharp looking and very comfortable.

The Trakline Core Essentials Belt is one of a new breed of nearly infinitely adjustable belts based on a ratcheting system.

Trakline Kore Essentials Belt
Trakline Kore Essentials Belt

As you can see in the photo above, the inside of the leather belt has a embedded plastic track, with teeth at quarter inch intervals. The buckle, meanwhile , has a spring-loaded locking tab that clicks into the teeth, holding it solidly in place. When you need to loosen or remove the belt, all you need to do is to flip a small knob for release.

Trakline Core Essentials Belt Buckle Back

With the ratcheting system, the belt neatly avoids the problem that traditional belts have of being either too loose, or too tight. As needed, you can quickly and discretely flip the lever and tug or loosen.

The belts come in extra, extra long lengths, and require a bit of trimming before use. The belt and buckle are two separate pieces, so before using, simply cut the belt to an optimal size range. My best advice is to cut it longer than you think you will likely need, then trim it after a few days of wearing. You can always cut more. You can’t add leather back.

A nice touch is that the inside of the belt is screen printed with lengths in inches for easier measuring and cutting.

Trakline Belt
Trakline Belt

The Trakline belts come in black, grey, brown and white, with a variety of silver colored belts that range from plain to hipster. Your friendly neighborhood GolfBlogger is the opposite of hipster, so I was more than pleased to just have the plain buckle.

While I grant that I have not tested the Trakline belt for months, I have every expectation that it will hold to use. The metal parts seem solidly constructed; the leather well and tightly stitched.



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