Transgender Golfer Sues LPGA

Lana Lawless, who had gender reassignment surgery in 2005, is suing the LPGA and the Long Drivers of America for their policies that permit only those players who were female at birth. Lawless claims she gains no physical advantage for once having been a man, because her hormone levels are the same as a natural born female. Lawless is a 57 year old retired cop.

I’m not buying it. I would think that as a former man, she still would have some bone mass and structural leverage advantages. But maybe not. Perhaps a orthopedist out there can enlighten me on that one. She won the women’s world long drive championship in 2008 before the ban went into place.

I’m guessing that you would not otherwise see a 57 year old female competitor winning such a championship. Her nearest competitor that year was a 21-year-old.

It’ll be interesting to see where this goes.

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