True Linkswear All Day Knit III Review

True Linkswear All Day Knit III Review

All Day Knit III
Grade: A+
Teachers’ Comments: The best shoes for walking on a hot day.

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I walked two rounds after lunch yesterday. Only lack of sunlight kept me from walking more.

The spring in my step that propelled me through all those holes were the All Day Knit III shoes from True Linkswear.

The All Day Knit III has an extremely comfortable, stretchy, breathable knit upper and a lightweight form sole.

The knit works well to keep my feet from getting too warm, which helps to stay cool overall. If your feet are miserable, the rest of you is miserable as well. If your feet are comfy, so is the rest of you. This actually holds whether it is hot or cold. The only thing more miserable than hot feet is cold, clammy feet.

I wear a pair of thin Smartwool socks underneath. Wool also is breathable, so they work well in tandem. Yes. I know. You’re thinking wool socks would be scratchy and hot. You couldn’t be more wrong.

True should expand to sell thin wool golf/hiking socks. They pair well with the shoes.

Another advantage of the knit uppers is that they avoid the problem of unyielding parts of a shoe rubbing against non-conforming foot shapes. I don’t get blisters with these. I don’t even get “hot spots.”

One part of the upper that isn’t mostly knit is the suede heel pad at the back. That adds a bit of structure to the shoe and probably keeps the heel from rubbing through the knit.

There’s also a handy loop. Stick your toes in a shoe, pull on the loop and it slides on like a slipper.

True All Day Knit III soles

The sole seems slightly improved over the previous models.

True Knit II Sole for comparison

The All Day Knit III has wider nubs on the outer edge and some v shaped treads on the inside edge. A wider series of nubs also runs down the middle.

I think the wider treads likely produce more stability than the smaller nubs.

That isn’t to say that I had any issues with the previous tread. I simply don’t swing fast enough for lack of grip that to be any real problem. I will say, however, that since a couple of pros (namely Ryan Moore and Joel Dahmen) wear True shoes they no doubt offer plenty of grip.

The tread is not so pronounced, however, that you can’t wear them off course. After my recent round at Mullet Lake Country Club, I went shopping for some groceries and it was only after I got back to the cottage that I realized I still had the golf shoes on.

One note: unlike some of True’s models the All Day Knit 3 is not a zero drop sole. It is, however, pretty minimal at around 6mm. They do feel an awful lot like playing barefoot.

Another note: If I’m walking on a gravel cart path, I feel the gravel through the soles. Easy solution: Don’t walk on cart paths.

The 2023 edition also adds an “open cell antimicrobial insert.” True says this increases breathability and comfort. I presume the antimicrobial part will help reduce some shoe stinkiness as well.

The only downside to these is that they are not waterproof, and thus are not really appropriate for dewsweeping.

For afternoon and evening rounds, however (and especially on hot days), these are my go-to shoes.


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