TRUE Linkswear Golf Shoes Review: TRUE Original and TRUE Knit II

TRUE Original and TRUE Knit II
The TRUE Original 1.2 in foreground; TRUE Knit II in back.

TRUE Golf Shoes Review: TRUE Original and TRUE Knit II

TRUE Original 1.2
Grade: A+
Teachers’ Comments: Designed for walking, but a great all-around golf shoe.

Grade: A+
Teacher’s Comments: These are absolutely the shoes to wear while walking on a hot summer round.

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Back in October, TRUE sent a couple of pair of their newest golf shoes for review: The TRUE Original 1.2 and the TRUE Knit II. Both are outstanding.

The GolfBlogger in the TRUE Original 1.2 shoes, braving 40 degree temperatures for a review.

TRUE was founded by PGA Tour player Ryan Moore and his brother, Jason. It is is focused squarely on the walking golfer, with shoes that are designed from the ground up for players on the hoof.

In that, TRUE has created an interesting niche for itself.

I’ve worn the TRUE Original 1.2 while walking half a dozen rounds on the hilly (for SE Michigan) Washtenaw Golf Club. As a walking shoe, they’re perfect. The wide toe box offers plenty of room for forefoot flex, but the midsection and heel are snug enough to keep my feet from sliding.

The Original 1.2 is constructed with a leather-like upper and a neoprene tongue. The inside has a waterproof “bootie,” which is a closely woven, silvery looking lining.

The sole is light, foamlike rubber, and has a series of pronounced rectangular nubs for traction.

Overall, the shoe is very light and flexible. It keeps a spring in this walker’s step, even as I finished 27 holes one day.

The shoe weighs just 12 ounces.

The Original features a Zero Drop design. Zero drop means that the heel is the same height as the toes. That’s in contrast to other shoes where the design lifts the heels above the toes.

When playing in the Originals, I feel much more connected to the ground than with a more traditional pair of golf shoes — even of the more sneaker-like design. I think the lightness and flexibility really improve my footwork and balance.

I’ve also found that they’re great under less-than-great weather. Twice I have been caught on the back nine during a late fall shower. My feet stayed dry as I played in. The TRUE Original 1.2 has a two year waterproof guarantee.

The Original 1.2 comes in white with a black saddle, pure white or in Chambers Grey, which is white with a greyish saddle and green splashes of color. I received the Chambers Grey model.

I’m no stylista, but I like the look.

TRUE Original and TRUE Knit II
The TRUE Original 1.2 on the left. TRUE Knit II on the right.

Cool weather has limited my testing of the TRUE Knit II. I really don’t fancy wearing a pair of summer weight knit shoes when it is forty degrees out. I did, however, manage to play two rounds with temperatures in the upper sixties.

The Knit II has a remarkable fit. It is tighter around the foot than the TRUE Original, but at the same time is more flexible because the top is not in any way rigid. The knit upper is elastic, molding to the foot and holding it in place, while still allowing it to move.

TRUE Knit II traction treads.

The knit is a 90% polyester, 10% spandex blend.

The knit is not a “zero drop” model, but with just 4mm of transition from heel to toe, it is very nearly so.

As with the TRUE Original 1.2, the sole feels as though it is made of a foamlike rubber. At around 9 ounces, the Knit II is even lighter than the Original.

The treads on the TRUE Knit II are less aggressive than the Original 1.2, but still provide plenty of traction.

Wearing the Knit II is as close as you will get to playing barefoot without actually doing so.

The great Sam Snead once said that when his game was “off,” he would go out and play a round barefoot. In the video below, you’ll see Snead giving tips on not overswinging while playing in his socks.

I think you can get that sort of feeling with the TRUE Knit II. There’s a real freedom to playing in them. I look forward to employing the shoes on those summer dog days.

The Knit II comes in black, grey, blue and an off-white. These are really sharp looking shoes that I would feel at ease wearing off the course. In fact, the less aggressive tread suggests that I should do just that. I imagine these would be great for those long hours I spend standing at the front of the room instructing my high school students.

Key Features of the TRUE Original 1.2 and the TRUE Knit II:

TRUE Original 1.2

  • “Bulletproof” Alternative Leather Upper (Highly Scratch-Resistant and Durable)
  • Waterproof Bootie Construction (2 Year Guarantee)
  • Reflective Rope Laces & Reflective Accents
  • Wide Toe Box (Up to EEE)
  • Neoprene Waterproof Tongue
  • New Antimicrobial Insert for Superior Comfort and Breathability
  • Flexible, Ergonomic Rubber Outsole
  • Zero Drop Outsole (From Heel to Toe)
  • Lightweight – 12.5 oz. (Size 9 M)


  • TRUEknit Fully Breathable One-Piece Upper (90% Polyester, 10% Spandex)
  • Full Sock Fit Flexible Opening for Slide-In Comfort
  • One-Piece TRUEknit Upper Flexibly Conforms to Most Foot Shapes (D-EE)
  • New Open Cell Footbed for Increased Breathability and Comfort on Warmer Days
  • NEW Wanderlux Midsole for Increased Comfort and Rebound
  • Extremely Lightweight – 9.1 oz. (Size 9 M)
  • Cross-Life Tread for Maximum Versatility
  • Transitional (Minimal) Drop (~4mm Dependant on Size)

A nice touch with both of the shoes is that they came — not in boxes — but in bags that can either store the shoes in your car, or serve other purposes. The Original 1.2 came in a dry bag, while the Knit II arrived in a string backpack.

I’m a big fan of the TRUE Linkswear products. These will be my go-to shoes for the forseeable future.

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