True Linkswear Knit Golf Shoe Review #MSStrong

True Linkswear Knit Golf Shoe Review #MSStrong
True Linkswear Knit Golf Shoe #MSStrong

True Linkswear Knit Golf Shoe Review

True Linkswear Knit Golf Shoe
Grade A+
Teachers’ Comments: Indescribably Comfortable

True Linkswear’s knit golf shoes are without a doubt the most comfortable things I have ever put on my feet. Combining a polyester/spandex knit upper with an EVA midsole and a gum-rubber sole, the knits are patterned to look like classic wing tip shoes.

The True Linkswear Knits are anything but classic wing tips, however. The knit wraps comfortably around the foot like a glove with just the slightest bit of elasticity. They give with every step, yet somehow keep the foot in place.

On hot summer days — such as during the heat wave we recently had in Michigan — the True Linkswear Knits are cool and dry. Air just flows through the knit.

The Knits are not waterproof, but they do have a water repellent treatment. I don’t think I’d wear them on a rainy day, but I have found that they do shed incidental water. I have worn them on dewy mornings, and on a round following several days of rain. The True Linkswear knits performed well in both cases.

True Linkswear Knit Golf Shoe Review #MSStrong

True Linkswear Knit Golf Shoew #MSStrong

As golf shoes, the True Linkswear Knits preform admirably. For my swing, they offer more than enough stability. In fact, I think the flexibility actually helps with my footwork.

As a walking shoe, the are amazing. I like to feel the ground beneath my feet and these make me feel as if I’m in immediate contact.

It is possible, however, that someone with tour level speed, or a particularly violent swing might not find enough stability with the True Linkswear Knits. I have a relatively slow and smooth swing.

Regardless of the True Linkswear Knit’s utility as a golf shoe, I don’t think that anyone will be able to argue with their value as a street shoe. I would wear these anywhere. Thing One, my eldest son (and a non golfer) took the pair I was sent and has worn them every day to his job at the local hardware store. He’s on his feet eight hours a day and says that the True Linkswear Knits have changed his whole outlook on work. He also reports that he constantly gets complements on how good they look.

The True Linkswear knits come in blue, white, grey, black and red. They also come in a special #MSStrong edition (pictured) in which $30 for each purchase is donated to the MS Society.

True Linkswear Knit Golf Shoe Review #MSStrong

This is a really nice gesture. I have a family member who is challenged by Multiple Sclerosis, and I am thankful for True Linkswear’s involvement with the MS Society.

The True Linkswear Knits feature:

  • TRUEknit Fully Breathable One-Piece Upper (90% Polyester, 10% Spandex)
  • One Piece TRUEknit Upper Flexibly Conforms to Most Foot Shapes (D-EEE)
  • Water and Oil Repellent Upper
  • EVA Midsole for Lightweight Cushioning, 12.55 mm
  • Extremely Lightweight – 9.5 oz. (size 9 M)
  • Cross-Life Tread for Maximum Versatility
  • Transitional (Minimal) Drop – (4-6mm dependent on size)

If you wear a half size, order the next size up.


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