True OG Feel Golf Shoes Review

True OG Feel Golf Shoes Review

True OG Feel Golf Shoes Review

True OG Feel Golf Shoes
Grade: A+
Teacher’s Comments: My new go-to shoe for summer golf

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As a dedicated walking golfer, I am quite particular about what I put on my feet. I recently calculated that I have walked nearly 500 miles this season alone.

To walk that many miles without crippling foot injuries requires two things: good socks, and good shoes.

Until this year, my go-to shoes were Ecco. In recent months, though, True has been kind enough to send three pair of shoes for review: the True Linkswear Knit, The True TL-01, and the TRUE OG Feel. The True golf shoes have quickly become my favorite walking golf shoes.

I recently took the True OG Feel shoes on a trip to Forest Dunes, where I walked 54 holes over two days, plus two rounds on the new Forest Dunes Short Course, and a round on their 2 acre putting course.

My feet were never been happier. My back and shoulders, not so much.

True OG Feel Golf Shoes
True OG Feel Golf shoes on a green at Oakland Hills Country Club. Note the perfection of the greens.

The True OG Feel combines knit uppers with leather reinforcements that are reminiscent of classic saddle shoes. They manage to look both modern and classic at the same time.

These are minimalist shoes, with flexible soft rubber soles. The TRUE OG Feel is amazingly light at just 8.7 ounces. Between the airy knit uppers and the ground hugging soles, these shoes are as close as you will get to playing barefoot.

One thing I really like about The TRUE OG Feel (and indeed all of the True shoes) is the large toe box. In spite of the design of all the stylish shoes and boots, toes don’t come to a point. With the toes in their natural wide distribution, you’ll have more stability, balance and strength. And, of course, a great deal more comfort because your toes are not rubbing together.

The zero-drop soles further this natural design. Your feet have evolved so that the heel and toes are on the same level. Shoes with heels lift your rear to make you look more attractive, but do nothing to promote athleticism. True’s Zero Drop soles let your feet make natural contact with the ground.

With any of the True shoes in play, I feel as though my footwork is very fluid and natural. They keep my feet solidly planted and allow me to smoothly transition my weight.

The soles on the True OG Feel have tread patterns that are more than adequate for this moderately fast swinger. I have played with these shoes in a variety of conditions (including a recent damp round at Kingsley Club in hilly Northern Michigan) and have not had any problems with slipping on any sort of slope.

For what it’s worth, Ryan Moore wears True golf shoes on the PGA TOUR. I suspect, therefore, that they provide adequate traction for higher swing players as well.

One downside of the design is that when I have to walk over a rough gravel cart path, I can feel the rocks through the soles. On grass, or smooth paths, however, they are a delight.

Another is that they can get a bit wet in the morning dew. On dry days, from late morning on, they’re great, though. I absolutely would not want to wear them on rainy days. For those days, try the True TL-01.

Those are minor shortcomings, though. The True OG Feel is my go-to shoe at this point.

I highly recommend True shoes, but if you’re unsure about how well they will work for you, there’s a 30-day guarantee in place. But assuming that you are ordering the correct size, I don’t think you’ll need to use it.

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