Twenty-Somethings Impact Tour

Nine players under twenty have won on Tour this year. Among them are five Americans: D.J. Trahan, J.B. Holmes, Sean O’Hair, Johnson Wagner and Anthony Kim

A youth movement? Perhaps. In the absence of Tiger, it’s imperative for the PGA Tour to promote these guys. The Tour will be a lot healthier if it’s got more than one focus.

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1 thought on “Twenty-Somethings Impact Tour”

  1. It’s not, as you suggest imperative that the PGA tour hype these guys up.

    It hould not be all about hype. They need to earn their recognition – by winning golf tournaments!

    For years now there have been very few ‘hyped’ players that have come even close to challenging Tiger Woods. These guys still have a long way to go, but i’m glad to see they seem to be getting there (Kim sure looks good).

    It is importnat for Golf to have a challenger to Tiger Woods – just look how tennis has been rejuvinated by the Federer-Nadal duel – but the right man has to step up on his own and beat Tiger. So far, it still seems remote.


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