More Twilight Golf At Green Oaks

Twilight At Green Oaks Golf Course
Twilight At Green Oaks Golf Course

I have said it many times before: twilight is my favorite time for golf. The courses are less crowded, the air is cooler, and it is a perfect way to end a day.

I got out last night to play a twilight nine at Green Oaks in Ypsilanti, Michigan. It turned out to be a twilight fourteen though. I was caught behind a late starting league, so I used my local knowledge to loop back over several holes to allow space between myself and the groups ahead. I never had to wait, there was no one behind me, and I still finished right behind the league.

The good news is that my swing is finally breaking out of the post-winter doldrums. I am striking the ball as well as I have in ages. At this point, I have just two swing thoughts: a golf swing is a circular motion and; bring the swing to a complete finish. I have literally added thirty yards to my drives over last fall. I have also swapped out all of my woods for hybrids. I am hitting my Cobra 2 hybrid as far as I ever did a three wood, and with far more accuracy.

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