Twilight Golf At Green Oaks – May 16, 2016

Green Oaks 12th Green
Green Oaks twelfth green

It has been a miserable May here in Michigan – cold and wet. The snow on Sunday was just the icing on the cake.

The last time I remember snow in May was ten years or so ago when I was coaching a high school girls golf team. We were at the State postseason tournament, and flurries began to fall. My players were ready to depose me as coach when I informed them that snow was not going to cancel the tournament. The team ultimately played, but one of my player’s hands were so cold that she lost the grip on her seven iron and it flew into a pond.

She was furious with me. Not only had I “made” her play; the seven iron was the one she had used to score a hole in one the previous summer. Fortunately,  the pro was able to retrieve it later that summer when the course dredged the pond for balls.

The following year, that player received a full ride golf scholarship at a state university.

Green Oaks 13th hole
The thirteenth at Green Oaks


Monday was a different weather story, and I managed to get out for a twilight round at Green Oaks. It was glorious. Temperatures were hovering around 60, but other than some wet ground, there was no sign of the previous day’s snow flurries.

I played reasonably well, but am still struggling to get more distance off the tee. My putting was deadly, though, thanks in part to the new Flat Cat grips. It was also the first round I played after installing some new Winn 20th Anniversary Dri-Tac grips. I usually regrip all my clubs once each season, and I really liked the classic “leather copper” look of these.

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