Two Drivers Is Retail Boon

I’ve gotten emails from three different golf retailers today touting the advantages of playing with two drivers.

You had to know that was coming.

If I were a grassy knoll type, I would suspect that Phil conspired with Callaway on this one to boost their sales.

2 thoughts on “Two Drivers Is Retail Boon”

  1. I don’t think you have to be a grassy knoll type person to see the Callaway influence here.  And it makes all the sense in the world to me.  As they clubs started coming with built in draw/fade, wasn’t this where it would come to?

    I think it makes sense for someone who is going to rely on the 300 yard drive.  If you can have 2 drivers set differently, and instead of working on draws/fades in how you swing, but instead work on a consistent power swing and just chose your effect, doesn’t that make sense?

    Of course, what do I know? I had 4 drivers during 2005, and usually carried 2 in the bag, but one was my smaller head 9-degree Big Bertha or my 8.5-degree Great Big Bertha, both of which, while non-fatigued and swinging well, I could go 250 yards, but then I carried an el cheapo MegaBear 460, so when I got tired and needed forgiveness, I could get the ball out there about 180-200 and in the fairway.  Now I have settled on a Big Bertha 454, which is straight and reliable, but I don’t think nearly as long for me as the Big Bertha Titanium was.

    But enough about me—what I wonder now, and perhaps we should take bets, is within 2 weeks how many pros will have 2 drivers in their bags?  I would be willing to bet we might see some of the bigger names carry 2 like JD or Fred Couples—I wonder if even just a few more folks are successful like Phil has been with it if we will see Tiger or Vijay try it out?


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