Two More Years For Huron Hills

Huron Hills will remain a golf course for at least two more years, according to The Ann Arbor Chronicle.


One of the potential legacy costs to converting Huron Hills to a non-golf use would be two union workers – one AFSCME and one Teamster – for whom other city positions would need to be found, if golf operations were ended at Huron Hills. At the community services budget working session, the city council had expressed a consensus that for the next two years, which corresponds to the duration of the five-year plan put in place for improving financial performance at the city’s two golf courses, Huron Hills would remain a golf facility.]

A little background for out of towners: The city of Ann Arbor owns two courses, the basic, no frills muni favored by beginners and walkers (it once was walking only) muni called Huron Hills and a more “upscale” and difficult track called Leslie Park. City “leaders” have decreed that—unlike every other recreational activity sponsored by the town—golf has to make money. Leslie Park—after the acquisition of a liquor license and more attention to conditions—profits, while Huron Hill does not. Disposition of Huron Hills, however, has been a problem—especially with Ann Arbor “commitment” to green spaces, and the vocal opposition of people whose very nice homes are on the course’s boundaries. There was a proposal by a local pro shop to relocate to the course, build a driving range and commercial building and continue to operate nine of the existing holes as a course. That was shot down, however, primarily because the pro shop required substantial taxpayer help to get the facilities built.

Now the course remains in limbo.



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  1. I’m not thrilled with the idea that muni golf can’t lose as much money as any other activity, but in these times that’s probably not a fight worth having (in Montgomery County, MD, it is also true for tennis and ice skating, at least).  However, I do think it is stupid to require individual courses to make money instead of looking at the full system.  Some courses will make money some years and not others, some will feed the activity, others won’t.  Some courses will provide public services which the others cannot.


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