Two Weeks of Tiger

The Golf Channel is advertising “Two Weeks of Tiger”—apparently a fourteen day Tiger lovefest. All kinds of things were running through my head as I heard that. Among them:

There IS such a thing as too much publicity.

The Golf Channel has jumped the shark.

If Tiger is as private a person as his press releases make him out to be, what does he think of this?

Is Nike paying The Golf Channel through back channels for two weeks of nonstop advertising?

They’re beating a dead horse.

I wonder how the other 124 members of the Tour feel about this?

Familiarity breeds contempt.

Too much of anything is bad for you.

If (God forbid) Tiger were to die suddenly, would The Golf Channel go out of business?

I’m giving The Golf Channel “three thumbs down” on my TiVo for the next two weeks so it won’t record any of that network’s programs.

Why didn’t I get a two week celebration when I returned to teaching after winter break? I’m at least as good a teacher as Tiger is a golfer. I’ve been voted Best Teacher six years in a row by the Senior Classes. I’m better looking, too. And smarter. And more interesting.


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