Clicgear Golf Cart Mittens Review

Clicgear Cart Mitts

Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: An essential piece of winter golfing equipment.

I’ve got just one thing to say about Cart Mittens: Brilliant!

Cart Mittens are a set of heavy duty, waterproof, windproof mittens designed to attach to the handle of a golf push cart. In between shots, as you push your cart about, you just slip your hands into the cart mittens where they stay comfortably warm. Even better: there are pockets on the mitts for those ubiquitous chemical handwarmer packages.

I’ve used the cart mittens on numerous walking rounds in the winter. One that’s open all year ‘round is Fox Hills in Plymouth, Michigan. But like most courses open in the winter in Michigan, it’s walking only. So all of those propane heaters, zip up plastic covers and the like designed for power carts are about as useless as a liberal in a gunfight.

Nearly all of the brave souls on the course on thee cold days are pushing or pulling a cart.  But I generally am the only one with cart mittens. They are brave, but foolish. If you are playing in the cold, you NEED cart mittens.

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3 thoughts on “Clicgear Golf Cart Mittens Review”

  1. I wear the cold weather golf clubs.

    I golf as much as I can when the courses are open—that is, when there’s no snow on the ground. Happens more often than you might think.

    The cold is the main problem. I play with the lowest compression ball I can find, and don’t expect any great results.

  2. So what sort of golfing glove do you wear when you use these? The normal thickness, or a cold-weather version?

    Winter golfing in Michigan? How do you do that? Do they clear snow off the fairways, or do they just not get that much snow? I can’t imagine that working in the western (snow belt) part of the state, or for that matter, even the southeast part.


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