Unbranded Player Signs With Scratch Golf

Ryan Moore has for the past year been a bit of an oddity on the PGA Tour: a player who deliberately did not have a club endorsement deal. Aside from his ball and gloves, Moore’s tools weren’t bought and paid for after his deal with Ping ended in 2008.

That’s changed now that Moore has a deal that reportedly makes him a shareholder with a company called Scratch Golf. He’ll play their irons and wedges, and will put their logo on his bag and clothes.

A self-confessed equipment junkie, I thought I knew pretty much all of the companies out there. But I’ve never heard of Scratch Golf. As it turns out, they’re a privately held company that specializes in forged clubs. A set will run you $1,200.

Scratch Golf’s obscurity likely will end if Moore continues to play as he has in recent weeks. In his first “official” event with the clubs at the HSBC Champions, Moore finished third behind Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els. He also garnered two top tens while wielding the clubs in two previous events.

In that vein, I’d like to announce to the golfing world that I am currently looking for an endorsement deal. I want to be the first Nike or Adidas sponsored teacher. They’d supply me with the wardrobe, and I would wear them every day in the classroom. I’d also ask for a stipend, and would insert their logo in all of PowerPoints. And naturally, I’d use their clubs in my capacity as The Golf Blogger. It’d be a public relations coup for the company that takes me up on it.

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