UnderArmour Drive Multiflection Hunter Mahan Signature Sunglasses Review


UA Drive Multiflection Sunglasses

Grade: A+
Teacher’s Comments: I’ve never seen better on the course.

In a very short time, UnderArmour has become a major player in golf apparel and accessories. I wonder if it is only a matter of time before we see a UA Driver or Irons set. For the moment, however, UA seems content to manufacture lines of good looking, comfortable apparel, hats, accessories, and … sunglasses.

UA certainly wasn’t the first name that springs to my mind when considering sunglasses. Wearing the Hunter Mahan Signature Drive glasses for several rounds of golf, however, has changed my thinking completely. These are simply amazing sunglasses, especially for the price—around $120.

What impressed me most about the UA Drive is the incredible clarity of the lenses. I don’t know anything about optics, but I believe that I see better with the UA Drives on than off. I played on both overcast and blindingly sunny days and my eyes always felt focused and relaxed. There’s just something about the ArmourSight® lenses that make everything seem more clear. UA says that they “deliver up to 20% enhanced vision edge to edge” and “deliver superior visual contrast and object illumination.” I believe it.

Mrs. GolfBlogger concurs. She permanently liberated the pair from my golf bag after I unwisely let her borrow them for a bicycle ride (she had misplaced her biking shades).  Upon returning from the ride, Mrs. GolfBlogger said she thought they corrected for her astigmatism and that she had never seen better while riding (she’s a serious rider—fifty mile trips and such). And that was that. Glasses gone.

Another point that we both agree on is that the UA Drive’s design is very comfortable. Mrs. GolfBlogger has a small face, while mine is quite broad (it’s the Cherokee cheekbones), and yet we both think the glasses fit well. The best part of the design is the way the nose piece holds the lenses slightly off the face. This keeps them from steaming up through exertion and allows air flow. Add to this the ultra light weight and I barely notice they’re on.

This particular model is a Hunter Mahan signature. It’s white, with a sort of amber colored lens. I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of the white color. I’m way too boring for such sportiness. Hunter Mahan is not, however. He’s got the whole “cool” on.

Still, Mrs. GolfBlogger had no idea who Hunter Mahan was. Then last week we were at a local outlet mall picking up clothes for the boys for school. I spotted an UnderArmour outlet so we stopped in to see what sort of golf items they might have. And there, high on the wall was a huge mural of Hunter Mahan sporting the same glasses I have. I pointed him out and she thought he looked familiar from the telecasts.

Hunter looks cool. Mrs. Golfblogger looks cool. Mr. GolfBlogger not so much.

Fortunately for other boring types like myself, these same glasses come in satin black.

Recommended. In whatever color you think suits your level of cool.


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