Unfreaking Believable

Unfreaking believable.

It’s the only way to describe the ending of the Arnold Palmer Invitational on Sunday March 16. With Bart Bryant putting the pressure on by finishing at nine under par, Tiger needed a birdie at the last to win the tournament. His approach left him twenty feet from the cup—a distance he had not holed from all week.

There was no way he was going to make that sliding, downhill shot. But he did. Of course.

While I still hold by my prediction that he won’t win the Masters, it’s becoming harder to believe it. With the way things are going for Tiger right now, anything is possible—even an undefeated season.

Was the putt a herald of destiny?

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3 thoughts on “Unfreaking Believable”

  1. You had to love Bart’s reaction as well—he wasn’t surprised- it was almost as if he expected it.  The camera also picked up what Arnie said to Tiger which was “What else is new?”

    Tiger’s reaction was also great. 

    I would have preferred to see Freddie win—I never heard if he was having pains the last couple days or not.  Hopefully he will capture something this year.  Might be best to play a couple events where Tiger and Vijay are not playing (wait, are there events where Vijay won’t play?)

  2. Vijay does seem like he enjoys the game, it also does seem like he genuinely enjoys other people and his fans. 

    It could be Vijay’s personality, or it could be his agents too.  He gets put in these commercials which he seems pretty personable and funny (like with the sign guy)—where Phil & Tigers are more serious—and when Tiger gets put in a funny commercial, it might be funny, but it seems a little too “staged”


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