Unique Dual Greens At The Cascades in Jackson, Michigan

Cascades Dual Green

The Cascades Municipal Golf Course in Jackson, Michigan has a design feature that I’ve not seen or read about on any other course (if you know of another, leave a comment below). The par three eleventh has two greens. From the reds to the left green, it’s 121 yards. From the blues, it’s 201 to the right green with a carry over a pond. It’s a great hole.

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  1. Lakes of Taylor has a similar par 3 (#3) with the two greens separated by a large hump.  I know I have played some other courses with similar set-ups but darned if I can recall which ones (probably Cascades!).

  2. There is actually a course close to Fort Worth, Texas that has a set of winter greens and a set of summer greens. From about April to October, the course plays as a par 72 on the summer greens. The winter greens play as a par 70 (if I remember correctly). Seventeen of the 18 holes have two greens with the first hole being the exception.

    The weird thing to me is that on two of the holes, the winter green is basically about 30 yards to the left of the summer green, but in summer those holes are a 5 par and they are a 4 par in the winter.


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