Upgrades on the 16th At Washtenaw

Work on the 16th At Washtenaw

Upgrades on the 16th At Washtenaw

Work is underway this spring around the pond on the 15th and 16th holes at Washtenaw.

Over the years, the approach to the green has been slowly sinking to the level of the pond. Lining the pond with rocks and raising the ground behind it should keep the area playable going forward.

A view of the 16th green from the forward 15th tees.

The project is in keeping with Washtenaw Golf Club owner Dave Kendall’s philosophy of steady improvement. Kendall has said to me on numerous occasions that he wants players who return year-after-year to say the course is better this year than the last.

All of the work at Washtenaw is being done in accordance with a master plan created by noted architect Ray Hearn.

Much of the focus last year was on restoring lines of play that were evident in a 1937 aerial photograph of the property. Hundreds of trees were removed, fairways were expanded, and larger collection areas mowed. Work began on returning many of the greens to their original square shapes.

I look forward to seeing what else is in store for this year.

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1 thought on “Upgrades on the 16th At Washtenaw”

  1. I hope they make the areas adjacent to the pond level. Clearing the pond (or approaching the pond on one’s tee shot) shouldn’t be punished by having the ball trickle backward into the rocks (or forward into the rocks). If the shot is short all the way or too long, that’s golf. I dislike hitting a decent shot only to see the contours slooooowly turn the shot into disaster.


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