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upright caddy loadedUpright Caddy Racr
Grade: A+
Teacher’s Comments: Small and sturdy

There’s an awful lot to like about the Upright Caddy Racr golf cart. It’s small and sturdy, rolls easily and unlike most on the market, holds your bag upright so you can access every club without difficulty.

An upright design is the key feature of the Racr. With the golf bag sitting in the center of the low slung four wheeled base, it is held snug against an adjustable upright vertical bar that sits between the two rear wheels. The adjustable handle extends from the back of this vertical boom. The result of this design is that you can get to every club just as easily—more easily—than you could on the back of a power cart.

When I first saw the cart, I was worried that the relatively short wheelbase and upright design would make the cart tend to tip on steep terrain. But the Racr a lot more stable than you would think. In several rounds, on several different courses, I found only a few spots where it tried to tip. I think that on the average course, the Racr’s stability is more than adequate. Certainly on the two courses I play most, there’s no terrain too difficult.

upright caddy in carTransporting the cart is wondrously easy. With just a couple of tugs, it folds down to a tiny 25x17x10. The wheels come off with just the push of a pin, and the entire thing takes up less space than the day bag where I store a extra balls, gloves, raingear and a change of clothes. Compared to my Sun Mountain push cart, it leaves an amazing amount of room in the trunk of my Subaru.

And light!! The cart weighs just around 12 pounds. By way of comparison, the Sun Mountain Speed cart weights 20 pounds and folds to 37x16x15. The lightness, I think, in many ways makes it a perfect cart for the lady golfers. They should market it as such (their marketing materials, however, have photos of enticing gals in shorts and heels).

The wheels are made of a plastic resin, and have resin spokes. Ball bearings ensure that they roll easily—not as easily as the spoked, inflated tires on my Sun Mountain, but almost. On the plus side, they don’t need inflating either. That means no more nasty flat tire surprises when I unfold the cart after a couple of weeks of non-use (this is a problem frequent enough with the Sun Mountain that I carry a portable compressor in the trunk).

Another great feature of the cart are its two storage areas. There’s a folding wire basket that attaches to the rear of the uprights that I have been using to tote my Canon XSi and its very heavy lens. And in the front,  just in front of the bag, is an area with a couple of straps where you can situate a cooler. I’m actually thinking that putting a small cooler there would increase the stability of the unit.

The unit also strikes me as very sturdy. Its made from high strength aluminum tubing, and all of the plastic parts seem very tough. I think will last a very long time.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the cart on the course. It’s unusual looking. But unlike some other models, it doesn’t look like a baby buggy. That’s a major plus.

The cart comes in red, blue and black. I prefer the go-fasta red. Everyone knows the red ones go faster smile

If I have one complaint with the Racr, it’s that the braking system is for me counter-intuitive. It’s the reverse of a bike. You squeeze and lock the brake handle to release the brake, and unlock it to engage the brake. That’s because the brake actually is a spring-loaded bar that extends from one of the axles to simply catch a plastic spoke and keep the cart from rolling forward any further.

But that’s a small complaint. This cart has surplanted my Sun Mountain three wheeler in the car as my every day pusher.

You can get the cart from the website at Uprightracr or on Amazon here: Upright Cady RACR

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1 thought on “Upright Caddy Racr Review”

  1. Thanks for the review!  I spied this cart earlier this year before the riding season started and was really interested in it.  I figured with the Revolver bag, it would be great, and also the upright design would allow for a drizzle stick or even a standard rain hood to work much better when walking.  The stability is what worried me a bit, but both you and Hooked on Golf say that it is quite stable.

    Also the addition of the bike basket on the back of the unit provides storage unseen in any cart that I know of.  (and I would really like to take my Nikon D80 along, but never have figured out how to do that). 

    Glad you have got the Buckeye Red.  That with the grey tires I am sure look fantastic.  I will send you some stickers to apply to it to finish out the look.  And no, I won’t be going with the blue model myself to make up for that.


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