US Open 2013 Open Thread: Golf’s Toughest Test?

An open thread for comments on golf’s 2013 US Open:

I’ll start …

I think that Tiger caught a break when the USGA called the round for the evening. That’ll give him some time to ice that wrist and spend time in the rehab trailer.

Phil’s round was nothing short of amazing, considering his coast-to-coast run. He probably also caught a break with the three hour break earlier in the day. Reports are that he spent the time napping.

Before Thursday, I heard golf pundits speculating that players might be eight under on the first day. Not so much. Turns out Merion has more bite than most expected.

I wonder if the pressure of playing in the US Open is every bit as deadly to players as the course itself.

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2 thoughts on “US Open 2013 Open Thread: Golf’s Toughest Test?”

  1. Not sure that Tiger should continue to play.  He will be going through a grueling 61 holes.  That rough is going to take a toll on any golfer, but if there is a strained wrist, how do you play out of that over and over?  In the morning that is going to be a damp rough and a bit longer and thicker than it was today.  Will he damage that wrist to the point where he won’t be able to compete at the British? 

    I think too much is made of Phil’s cross continental jaunt.  The first I heard about it, I thought he started Wednesday in Philly – but he went home on Monday.  That means that he actually slept in his own bed, and worked his own practice area, and probably was much more relaxed in the 48 hours ahead of the start.  Instead of getting frustrated by getting to Merion and not being able to take the practice rounds like 99% of the other guys, he was off sleeping and playing and practicing.  Also, I wonder if his bed on his plane is better than he gets at the hotel. 

    BTW- saw Phil on Sunday.  It was awesome.  We had our seats 5 feet off the green on 17, right at the ropes where the pros went to 18 tee.  The girl picked up a few balls from pros, (Ian Poulter came over and handed her one- cool! – although I was surprised that it was lacking any dazzle.  It was a ProV1 #8, with a line through the arrows and ProV1 – also appeared not to be this year’s model) – and Ben Crane gave her a high five.  Phil’s shot into 17 at TPC Southwind was amazing.


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