US Open Predictions Thread

I’m interested in people’s predictions on the 1010 US Open at Pebble Beach. Who will win? Who do you want to win? How will Tiger do?Will Tom Watson make the cut? What will be the biggest story of the tournament?

Who will win?: Someone outside the top ten. Not sure who.
Who do I want to win?: Phil Mickelson
How will Tiger do?: Not in contention
Will Tom Watson make the cut: No. I want him to contend on Sunday, but sadly, I think his late career magic can only last so long. It comes to an end here. Thanks to the USGA for giving him the exemption, though.
Biggest story of the tournament: The collapse of some big name players, perhaps including Tiger. I’m predicting this is a tournament for the underdogs.

5 thoughts on “US Open Predictions Thread”

  1. I have Matt Kuchar as my dark horse.  He’s played well all season.  Luke Donald is coming off some terrific finishes in Europe (having place 2-3-1 in his last 3 tournaments), so I look for him to contend.  The winner?  So hard to predict this year!  I will go with Jim Furyk as he always seems to be in contention at the US Open and had won it before.

  2. Who will win?: Lee Westwood

    Who do I want to win?: Tiger – for me a competitive Tiger makes things more interesting.  I dislike all the speculation about whether he will ever regain his form, blah, blah, blah.  A win would at least shut that line of discussion off.

    How will Tiger do?: Not in contention.  Based on recent form he may struggle to make the cut.

    Will Tom Watson make the cut: No. I echo the Golf Blogger’s opinion that Tom Watson only has so much magic and an Open course is not going to be an obstacle he can overcome.

  3. Who will win?  Phil

    Who do I want to win? Sean O’Hair, because 5 drivers for me is not enough.

    Tiger? Possibly will miss cut, I think he will make it, but won’t be in contention (since there is consensus on this it seems, he will probably win 🙁

    Watson will make the cut, and will finish in top 15.  I don’t think this is over yet.  I think if a 60 year old makes the cuts and is somewhere in contention in 75% of the majors in a year, that should be considered a geriatric grand slam.

  4. Who will win? Phil Mickelson, but something keeps telling me Lucas Glover

    Who Do I want to win? Easy. James Morrison. First, the success he had with the Doors and now a chance for a U.S Open. Who doesn’t want Jim Morrison to win?

    Tiger? I would like to see him play well because it is interesting but i will go with all of you and say no contention

    Tom Watson? I hope for a good story

  5. I’d like to see Lee Westwood win it, but likely it’ll be someone from outside the top ten.

    Phil Mickelson within the top five.

    I don’t Tom Watson will make the cut, but I think he’ll definitely give it a good run.

    Mr. Woods? Hard to say. But there’s this little perverse part of my mind that keeps saying that he’s going to make a very strong showing.


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