US Open Will Be Rougher and Tougher

The Washington Post reports that the US Open at Winged Foot will be tougher than ever.

The primary rough will be around four inches, which is tough enough to escape, though Open-caliber players still should have a chance to reach greens, assuming they have a decent enough lie to get a club on the ball.

But beyond about seven yards from the first cut, all the way to the spectator ropes, the USGA wants the grass to be between five and six inches, maybe longer. In that sort of spinach, players likely will only be able to hack the ball out into the fairway with a wedge.

Yeah. And maybe they also should let the greens bake until they are the consistency of concrete like at Shinnecock. smile

1 thought on “US Open Will Be Rougher and Tougher”

  1. Great. Because watching the best players in the world hack it back to the fairway and then 3 putting is just SOOO much fun, really entertaining. NOT.


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