US Women’s Open Thoughts

In no particular order:

1) Congratulations to Annika Sorenstam. It’s been ten years since your last US Open victory, and this one was overdue.

2) Annika is amazingly buff.

3) It seems to me that the big difference between the top men and women golfers is in their short games and on their approach shots. When Pat Hurst left her shot to the green short on the first hole of the playoff, I thought to myself that few male pros would have done that. They almost never leave a shot short. Long yes, but not short.  I also saw quite a few other shots in the Women’s Open that the guys would not hvae muffed.

4) Pat Hurst has the most unconventional swing I’ve seen since Jim Furyk. It actually looks a bit like John Daly’s backswing. Which shouldn’t be surprising since they both have the same body type.

5) I am glad that Jeong Jang didn’t get any closer than she did. The last thing the Open needed was a controversy over her double hit. I still can’t believe that she didn’t feel it. When I double hit a ball (and I do it more often than I care to admit), I know it immediately.

6) I’d really like to play the Newport Country Club. I love the fact that it was designed to play into the wind, demanding different kinds fo shots than we normally see. That’s the same reason I like the British Open.

7) Did you note that all of the Women’s majors this year have required a playoff?

8) As a guy in his 40s, I was pulling for Juli Inkster.

9) Wie needs to work on her putting. Or maybe she’s just not going to be a good putter.

10) I found it interesting that not as much time was spent talking about the course at the Women’s Open as it was with the men. Does the USGA back off on the Women’s course setup?

11). Annika Sorenstam put on a great display of sportsmanship on the hole of the playoff. Pat Hurst had been hanging back, letting Annika have her moment in the sun. Then about halfway up the fairway, Annika waited for Pat to catch up and the two walked up together.

12) Pat Hurst is going to win a US Open Championship. Before Michelle Wie.

4 thoughts on “US Women’s Open Thoughts”

  1. and I mean I have $100 on Wie to win first. She was, by the way, ranked sixth in putting through the week and most were impressed with her improved putting, which makes #9 a very strange observation.

  2. Michelle Wie finished the week 3rd overall in putting, so I think you were wrong this time about what was hurting her.

    She was no. 1 in driving distance, 65th(!) in fairways hit, and only 18th in greens in regulation.

    I completely agree with you about Newport CC. It was so cool that you can play all the bump and run shots there.


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