USPS To Release Golf Ball Stamp

Golf Ball Stamp


The US Postal Service will issue a first-of-a-kind golf ball stamp with a special texture coating that mimics the golf ball’s dimples. The golf ball stamp is just one of eight textured stamps that represent real sports’ balls.

The coating is applied to selected areas of the stamps during the printing process gives them a texture that mimics the feel of a:

  • baseball’s stitching
  • golf ball’s dimples
  • tennis ball’s seams
  • soccer ball or volleyball’s textured panels
  • the different raised patterns of a football, basketball and kickball


The stamps will have their first-day-of-issuance ceremony at the 117th US Open at Erin Hills. The ceremony on June 14 at 8 am will be part of the USGA’s Flag Day Celebration.

The Forever stamps will be issued in panes of 16 that include two stamps of each design. While most traditional stamps are square or rectangular in design, these stamps will be round. Beginning May 14, customers may pre-order the stamps at for delivery after the June 14 nationwide release.

Stamp artist Daniel Nyari of Long Island City, NY, and stamp designer Mike Ryan of Charlottesville, VA, worked with Art Director Greg Breeding of Charlottesville, VA to create the stamp images.

The Have a Ball! stamps are being issued as a Forever stamps, which are always equal in value to the current First-Class Mail 1-ounce price.

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