Utimate Golf Songs CD


Ultimate Golf Songs
Grade: A

Ultimate Golf Songs is a fun little collection of nine golf themed soft-rock songs. The tunes are catchy, the lyrics (mostly) clever, and the entire thing professionally done. Here’s a stanza from my favorite, One More Bird

Each hole is an opportunity
A chance for all to go right
To execute each shot perfectly
And bring feelings of joy and delight

One bird, want to yell the word, I want just one bird
One bird, it is not absurd, to want just one bird

and from Long Way, about the aftermath of a poor drive:

Head to the bag for something to assist
Look for a club that does not exist
Even a cannon could not shoot it that far
Select a mutant club, with dreams of a par
Even with its promises it is still hard to see
Reaching in anything less than three

Lots of good stuff here. Even my teenage boys thought it fun to listen to on a Geek-Dad-and-Geek-Boys Road Trip.


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2 thoughts on “Utimate Golf Songs CD”

  1. Ultimate Golf Songs are … well, the ultimate. Perfect way to prepare yourself for the best “round” of your life … on the course or the 19th hole!


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