Vahalla Setup To Favor Long Hitters?

Its being said US Ryder Cup Team Captain Paul Azinger has set up the Valhalla course to favor his long hitters. The first cut of rough—at 1.5 inches—is significantly wider than it was at the 2000 PGA. That’s supposed to favor a team that averages four yards longer than the tour at large, but has just one player in the top 40 in driving accuracy.

But its not like the Europeans are short hitters. In truth, they’re only a few yards shorter on average than the Americans—and certainly not enough to make a big difference.

My theory is that Azinger is up to something else. I think that he’s trying to NEGATE any advantage that the Europeans would have in accuracy. With just one guy who regularly hits fairways (Furyk), he needed to level the playing field.

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