Van de Velde Wants In British Women’s Open

This is just too easy a target. I should let it pass, but I won’t.

French (and I emphasize FRENCH) golfer Jean Van de Velde wants to play in the British WOMEN’S Open.

“I’ll even wear a kilt and shave my legs,” said Van de Velde.

Van de Velde, if you will remember, is the player who six years ago during the Open (British Men’s) Championship hit his ball into the Barry Burn and lost the title in one of the msot spectacular collapses in golf history. He did the same thing in this year’s French Open.

Van de Velde, a paragon of French manhood, says that he is upset that women now will be allowed to play in the British Open.

I think he’s really upset that there’s a chance that Michelle Wie will make the Open and finish higher than he does.

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