Vardon Trophy and Byron Nelson Trophy Past Winners

The Harry Vardon Trophy is the PGA of America’s annual award for the lowest scoring average among Tour players. When created in 1937, it was first awarded on the basis of a points system. Starting with the 1947 season, it was awarded for scoring average. Beginning in 1980, it was awarded for scoring average with a 60 round minimum, and in 1988, and adjusted scoring average with a 60 round minimum.

The Byron Nelson is the PGA Tour’s equivalent. It was first awarded in 1980, and currently is given for the lowest adjusted scoring average with a 50 round minimum.

The winners of the two are not always the same, as you can see on the chart below.

Tiger Woods (who else) holds the most Vardon Trophies, with eight; and nine Byron Nelson Awards. Lee Trevino and Billy Casper have five Vardons each. Greg Norman has five Byron Nelsons.

Interestingly, the greatest of them all, Jack Nicklaus, holds neither.

Vardon Trophy Winners and Byron Nelson Award Winners

YearVardon TrophyAdjusted Scoring AverageByron Nelson AwardAdjusted Scoring Average
2016Dustin Johnson69.17 Dustin Johnson69.17
2015 Jordan Spieth68.91 Jordan Spieth68.91
2014Rory McIlroy68.83 Rory McIlroy68.83
2013Tiger Woods68.98 Steve Stricker68.95
2012Rory McIlroy68.87 Rory McIlroy68.87
2011Luke Donald68.86 Luke Donald68.86
2010Matt Kuchar69.61 Matt Kuchar69.61
2009Tiger Woods68.05 Tiger Woods68.05
2008Sergio García69.12 Sergio García69.12
2007Tiger Woods67.79 Tiger Woods67.79
2006 Jim Furyk68.86 Tiger Woods68.11
2005Tiger Woods68.66 Tiger Woods68.66
2004Vijay Singh68.84Fiji Vijay Singh68.84
2003Tiger Woods68.41 Tiger Woods68.41
2002Tiger Woods68.56 Tiger Woods68.56
2001 Tiger Woods68.81 Tiger Woods68.81
2000 Tiger Woods67.79 Tiger Woods67.79
1999 Tiger Woods68.43 Tiger Woods68.43
1998 David Duval69.13 David Duval69.13
1997 Nick Price68.98 Nick Price68.98
1996 Tom Lehman69.32 Tom Lehman69.32
1995 Steve Elkington69.92 Greg Norman69.06
1994 Greg Norman68.81 Greg Norman68.81
1993 Nick Price69.11 Greg Norman68.9
1992 Fred Couples69.38 Fred Couples69.38
1991 Fred Couples69.59 Fred Couples69.38
1990 Greg Norman69.1 Greg Norman69.1
1989 Greg Norman69.49 Payne Stewart69.485
1988 Chip Beck69.46 Greg Norman69.38
1987 Dan Pohl70.25 David Frost70.09
1986 Scott Hoch70.08 Scott Hoch70.08
1985 Don Pooley70.36 Don Pooley70.36
1984 Calvin Peete70.56 Calvin Peete70.56
1983 Raymond Floyd70.61 Raymond Floyd70.61
1982 Tom Kite70.21 Tom Kite70.21
1981 Tom Kite69.8 Tom Kite69.8
1980 Lee Trevino69.73 Lee Trevino69.73
Winners of the PGA of America's Vardon Trophy and the PGA TOUR's Byron Nelson Award

Vardon Trophy Winners 1947 - 1979 (Pre Byron Nelson Award)

YearWinnerScoring Average
1979 Tom Watson70.27
1978 Tom Watson70.16
1977 Tom Watson70.32
1976 Don January70.56
1975Bruce Crampton70.57
1974 Lee Trevino70.53
1973Bruce Crampton70.57
1972 Lee Trevino70.89
1971 Lee Trevino70.27
1970 Lee Trevino70.64
1969 Dave Hill70.34
1968 Billy Casper69.82
1967 Arnold Palmer70.18
1966 Billy Casper70.27
1965 Billy Casper70.85
1964 Arnold Palmer70.01
1963 Billy Casper70.58
1962 Arnold Palmer70.27
1961 Arnold Palmer69.85
1960 Billy Casper69.95
1959 Art Wall70.35
1958 Bob Rosburg70.11
1957 Dow Finsterwald70.3
1956 Cary Middlecoff70.35
1955 Sam Snead69.86
1954 E. J. Harrison70.41
1953 Lloyd Mangrum70.22
1952 Jack Burke, Jr.70.54
1951 Lloyd Mangrum70.05
1950 Sam Snead69.23
1949 Sam Snead69.37
1948 Ben Hogan69.3
1947 Jimmy Demaret69.9
Vardon Trophy Winners 1947 - 1979 (Pre Byron Nelson Award)

Vardon Winners Under The Points System

1941 Ben Hogan494
1940 Ben Hogan423
1939Byron Nelson473
1938 Sam Snead520
1937 Harry Cooper500
Vardon Winners Under The Points System
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