Vegas Golf VIP Edition Review

Vegas Golf VIP Edition Review Pictured: bag and chips

Vegas Golf VIP Edition Review

Vegas Golf VIP Edition
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: A good implementation of a fun golf betting game

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Vegas golf is a nice implementation of a golf betting game where players place wagers on positive and negative events during a round, such as holing out from a bunker, losing a ball in the trees and so forth.

While it is possible to keep track of all these bets on a piece of paper and settle up at the end, Vegas Golf has a much nicer way to keep score.

The Vegas Golf VIP edition has nineteen screen printed poker chips, each with a positive or negative golf event. For example, there is a chip that shows a anthropomorphized golf ball snorkeling for a ball in the water; another shows a smug looking anthropomorphized golf ball with a bird beak mask that indicates a birdie.

Before the round, players agree to the value of each chip. During the round, when one of the events occurs, the player is given the corresponding chip. They keep that chip until another player repeats the feat; the chip then changes hands.

At the end, players holding negative chips pay the agreed amount to the others. Players holding positive chips receive the agreed amount from the others.

For example, Player A scores a birdie on the first hole and gets the birdie chip. Player B gets one on the third and the chip changes hands. The last player to get a birdie will have the birdie chip in the clubhouse.

Vegas Golf chips are hefty and standard sized. The screen prints have a slightly metallic sheen to them and seem as though they will last through a lot of use. I tried to scrape an image off the chip with a fingernail and failed.

The package Vegas Golf sent me for review included a nice pouch to contain the chips. The pouch has a carabiner to hang from a golf bag, and tee slots on the reverse side.

I have not yet actually used the chips in a betting game with others, as it has been a rather disjointed summer for my regular bunch. I have, however, used them in a solo game of sorts. During the round, I move chips from the main pouch of the bag to the zippered front pocket as events dictate. At the end of the round, I “win” if I have more positive than negative chips.

I have yet to win, but it is still fun.


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