Vegas Golf Chip On The Course Game

New Vegas Golf 10-chip “On the Course” Gambling Game

The Vegas golf game is one way to put some life into that same-old, same-old foursome. The set has ten poker chips labeled with common events such as birdie, water, lost ball, and so on. Three are positive events, six are negative events and one is a wild card. Before teeing off, the players should agree on the value of each chip in the bag. Then, every time one of these events occurs, the appropriate chip is awarded to the player. If a player “duplicates” a previous feat, the chip changes hands. At the end of the round, a payoff is determined by the value of the chips each golfer holds at the end of round.

This would not be a good game for me. I am always in trouble, but have the short and putting game to save bogey (and occasionally par).

This would, however, make a good Christmas golf gift for a regular player.

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