Verizon JetPack Test Drive Update

Verizon JetPack 4G photo jetpack_zpsc0018aff.jpgA couple of weeks ago, Verizon sent me one of their 4G JetPack mobile hotspots for a test drive. It’s been a great little device, giving me fast internet connections everywhere I’ve been. That turns out to be a real boost in efficiency, for I’m able to work while waiting for the lads to finish at Scouts, choir, and other activities. The signal plows right through buildings; when my Sprint Blackberry is looking for a connection, this has no trouble. I’m sure the Verizon network has a lot to do with that.

Due to the weather, I’ve not been able to try it out in a more isolated setting. I’d love to see how it performs when I head to some of the more distant course I try out. I’d also like to see if I get any connection in the Gaylord golf mecca area, or points further North. That’s where I really think I’d appreciate something like this. I could then play a course and work on a blog post the same day, rather than having to find a retailer or restaurant with free wifi, or wait until I can get back to GolfBlogger Headquarters in Ann Arbor.

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