Vijay Voted Sharpest Wit

Given his reputation as the Dark Lord of Golf, it may come as a bit of a surprise to learn that Vijay Singh is actually pretty funny.

In a recent survey, PGA Tour players selected Vijay as the player with the sharpest wit. He finished 40 percent ahead of runner up Jeff Sluman.

Among his peers, Singh isn’t just respected; he’s almost universally well-liked. Frankly, it’s a shame more golf fans aren’t exposed to the Fijian’s formidable wit and lithe-minded, mischievous bent.
  “You don’t actually interact with the public, so they have no idea about your true personality,” Singh says. “What are you going to do? These guys out here, my extended family, they know I love a good laugh.”

It’s a shame that more of THAT Vijay doesn’t shine through. It would be great for fans to get to know the real Singh. And I think that it would certainly improve his marketability. (although some of that has come out in the Footjoy commercials that he has done).

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