Vision Golf Balls Review

Vision UV X3 Golf Ball

Vision Golf Balls
Grade: A
Teachers Comments: Vision Golf Balls perform exactly as advertised. You can see these from a mile away.

Vision Golf’s UV X3 golf balls feature a unique high visibility cover that actually absorb UV light to make it brighter and more visible. I’m sure they want to avoid the “novelty ball” image, but the truth is that these actually will glow in the dark. (Here’s my futile attempt to take a photo of a glowing ball. It looks like a UFO photo).

glow balls-3782
UV X3 Ball Glowing In The Dark

The technology delivers as promised. I’ve found the UV X3 much easier to spot and track in the air than the standard white orb. In fairways, bunkers and rough, the color pops. This is has been especially useful on hazy spring days, and during the twilight rounds that I so enjoy. It also helps that there is nothing I know in nature that has that color. Even in a patch of dandelions it would stand out.

If you can manage to keep the ball in bounds, I don’t know how you would lose one of these. The only reason I’m down one ball from my initial allotment is that it drowned in the pond in front of the par three sixth on my home course.

I’ve also found the Vision Golf UV X3 to be quite durable. In spite of the fancy cover, it is quite tough.

UV X3 Golf Ball
The UV X3 in a bunker on a hazy, grey day.

In keeping with the theme of visibility, the numbers on the balls are outsized and in a highly readable font (see the photo above). I’d say that the large numbers make it easy to identify your ball, but the truth is that if you have a sleeve or two of these, it is unlikely that anyone else  has them in the bag.

Day-Glo cover aside, the real question is: “how do these balls perform on the course?” The answer is “admirably.”

In playing the Vision Golf balls on my home course, I found myself in the usual spots, at the usual distances. The UV X3’s flight also was no different from my usual game. They’re perhaps a little shorter than the Wilson Duo for me, but I’m a slow swinger and that ball seems tailor made for my limitations.

Around the green, Vision Golf Balls also performed well. I could make all my usual shots, including the effective pitches and bump-and-run that my partners so often comment on. I have never been able to hit one of those shots that spin back to the hole, so I can’t comment on the ball’s ability in such situations. It does check up fairly quickly on bunker shots, though.

My sense is that the average mid-handicapperr will be well satisfied with the performance of the Vision Golf UV X3.

Vision UV X3 Ball Teed Up

I’ve got a couple of final notions about the Vision Golf UV X3 ball:

First, if more people were to use a high visibility ball, it would probably speed up play. An awful lot of time is wasted looking for balls in the rough.

Second, since it is so easy to spot the Vision Golf ball’s flight, it just might encourage people to keep their heads down through the swing. There’s no need to look up to find out where the ball is going. You’ll be able to pick it out even well after it has reached its apex. In that sense, the UV X3 could actually improve your play.

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  1. An excellent detailed review of the vision golf balls. To be honest this is the first time im actually hearing about them and they look to very durable and catchy to the eye of course.

    As these balls are easy to locate there’s no need to worry about locating these balls once the balls has been hit hard


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