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Its VJ v JD in a playoff on the 18th hole.

Vijay went with a driver off the tee. Daly tried to match him and drove the ball in the water. I think VJ got into his head by hitting driver off the tee. Earlier in the day, I saw Daly hit a four iron 250.

He should have hit the fairway and then gone for the green with a long iron or wood.


Daly lying three at the water’s edge. Dropping the ball … 150 to the green. Bad break for Daly. It didn’t roll all the way back on the second drop.

Sing is in the trees.

Daly with the ball above his feet. Ball misses the green and bounces over. Vijay hits his and is left with 45 feet to the hole.


Daly dropping again the the deep rough. Nice chip. He’s probably 15 feet to the flag.

Vijay has a LONG putt. Incredible. He’s only a foot from the hole. Putts it in.

Vijay wins.

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