Volvik Vista IV Golf Ball

Volvik Vista

Volvik Vista iV Golf Ball

The Vista iV is Volvik’s tour level ball, which is used by nearly two dozen LPGA players. The four piece ball is designed to have a soft impact and feel, and long flight distance.

The bright colors make these balls unmistakably Volvik. I’ve been playing with a Volvik yellow ball recently, and have found that it makes tracking the ball in the sky much easier.


  • World leading technology with 12 patents for the US, UK, Japan and Korea
  • Soft impact and feel and longer flight distance is achieved by World’s First Patented Dual Core: a soft outer layer and a hard inner core
  • 4-piece Tour Performance – Explosive distance and more accurate approach by Power Core, Bismuth Control layer, Highly Resilient Inner Cover and Zirconium Z-I Outer Cover
  • Enhanced visibility provided by the brightest colors in golf
  • Excellent putting feel and optimal spin rates made possible by more durable and powerful Zirconium Z-I Cover
  • Improved flight stability designed 392 Cube-Octahedrondimple pattern.
  • 95 Compression, 64 Cover Hardness
  • Optimal for 80-125 MPH Swing Speed
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