Walker Cup Past Results and History

Held biennially in odd numbered years, The Walker Cup features teams of the leading amateur golfers of the United States and Great Britain and Ireland.

The event is named in honor of George Herbert Walker, who served as president of the USGA in 1920 when the tournament began. Walker donated the trophy to the initial competition, and newspapermen dubbed it in his name. (George Herbert Walker was the grandfather and namesake of President George H. W. Bush and great-grandfather of President George W. Bush)

The series was intended to stimulate interest in golf during the “Golden Age” of sports. It grew out of discussions that began when the USGA Executive Committee, led by Walker, made a trip to Great Britain to discuss rules with the R&A.

The initial invitation included all golfing nations, but only the United States and Great Britain responded. In 1921, William Fownes, the 1910 US Amateur Champion (and of Oakmont fame), assembled a team for travel to England to play an informal match the day before the British Amateur.

Officially, the first Walker Cup event occurred in 1922, when the R&A sent a team to the United States for a formal competition. It was played at Walker’s home course: The National Golf Links of America. That first American team consisted of Captain Fownes, Charles (Chick) Evans, Robert Gardner, Jesse Guilford, Bobby Jones, Rudolph Knepper, Max Marston, Francis Ouimet and Jess Sweetser. On the UK side were Captain Robert Harris, Cyril Tolley, Roger Wethered, Colin Aylmer, C.V.L. Hooman, W.B. Torrance, John Caven and W. Willis Mackenzie.

When Harris fell ill, Bernard Darwin, the great golf writer and grandson of Charles Darwin, took his place. He defeated Fownes 3 and 1.

The American team won that first match 8-4. Seriously: Jones. Ouimet. Evans. That’s an all-history team right there.

Unlike the Ryder Cup, the Walker Cup continues with its roots in having the United States play Great Britain and Ireland. The Ryder Cup expanded to allow all Europeans to compete in 1979. That was done primarily for competitive and commercial reasons. The Walker Cup has continued to be competitive, however, without expanding the Great Britain and Ireland team.

The Walker Cup is played with a combination of foursomes (alternate-shot) and singles matches.  Until 1961, 36 hole matches were played, comprised of four foursomes on the first day and eight singles matches on the second day. From 1963 to 2007, 18 hole matches were played: four foursomes and eight singles matches on each day. Then, beginning in 2009, the number of singles matches on the second day was increased to 10, so that all members of the team play on this final afternoon.

A list of Walker Cup Winners follows

YearVenueWinning TeamScoreScoreLosing TeamCaptains
2019Royal LiverpoolUnited States 15½ 10½ Great Britain and Ireland
2017Los Angeles Country ClubUnited States197Great Britain and Ireland
2015Royal Lytham & St. AnnesGreat Britain & Ireland 16½ United States
2013National Golf Links of AmericaUnited States17 9  Great Britain and IrelandUS: Jim Holtgrieve; GB&I: Nigel Edwards
2011Royal Aberdeen Golf ClubGreat Britain & Ireland1412United StatesUS: Jim Holtgrieve; GB&I Nigel Edwards
2009Merion Golf ClubUnited States16½Great Britain & IrelandUS: Buddy Marucci; GB&I: Colin Dalgleish
2007Royal County Down Golf ClubUnited States12½11½Great Britain & IrelandUS: Buddy Marucci; GB&I: Colin Dalgleish
2005Chicago Golf ClubUnited States12½11½Great Britain & IrelandUS: Bob Lewis; GB&I: Garth McGimpsey
2003Ganton Golf ClubGreat Britain & Ireland12½11½United StatesUS Bob Lewis; GB&I Garth McGimpsey
2001Ocean Forest Golf ClubGreat Britain & Ireland159United StatesUS: Danny Yates; GB&I Peter McEvoy
1999Nairn Golf ClubGreat Britain & Ireland159United StatesUS: Danny Yates; GB&I Peter McEvoy
1997Quaker Ridge Golf ClubUnited States186Great Britain & IrelandUS:  Downing Gray; GB&I: Clive Brown
1995Royal Porthcawl Golf ClubGreat Britain & Ireland1410United StatesUS:  Downing Gray; GB&I: Clive Brown
1993Interlachen Country ClubUnited States195Great Britain & IrelandUS: Vinny Giles; GB&I: George MacGregor
1991Portmarnock Golf ClubUnited States1410Great Britain & IrelandUS: Jim Gabrielsen; GB&I: George MacGregor
1989Peachtree Golf ClubGreat Britain & Ireland12½11½United StatesUS: Fred Ridley; GB&I: Geoffrey Marks
1987Sunningdale Golf ClubUnited States16½Great Britain & IrelandUS: Fred Ridley; GB&I: Geoffrey Marks
1985Pine Valley Golf ClubUnited States1311Great Britain & IrelandUS: Jay Sigel; GB&I: Charles Wilson Green
1983Royal Liverpool Golf ClubUnited States13½10½Great Britain & IrelandUS: Jay Sigel; GB&I: Charles Wilson Green
1981Cypress Point ClubUnited States159Great Britain & IrelandUS: Jim Gabrielsen; GB&I: Rodney Foster
1979MuirfieldUnited States15½Great Britain & IrelandUS: Dick Siderowf; GB&I Rodney Foster
1977Shinnecock Hills Golf ClubUnited States168Great Britain & IrelandUS: Lewis Oehmig; GB&I Sandy Saddler
1975Old Course at St AndrewsUnited States15½Great Britain & IrelandUS: Edgar Updegraff; GB&I David Marsh
1973The Country ClubUnited States1410Great Britain & IrelandUS: Jess Sweetser; GB&I: David Marsh
1971Old Course at St AndrewsGreat Britain & Ireland1311United StatesUS: John M. Winters; GB&I Michael Bonallack
1969MilwaGB&Iee Country ClubUnited States1311Great Britain & IrelandUS: Billy Joe Patton; GB&I Michael Bonallack
1967Royal St George’s Golf ClubUnited States159Great Britain & IrelandUS: Jess Sweetser: GB&I: Joe Carr
1965Baltimore Country ClubUnited States1212Great Britain & IrelandUS: John Fischer; GB&I Joe Carr
1963TurnberryUnited States1410Great Britain & IrelandUS: Richard Tufts; GB&I: Charles Lawrie
1961Seattle Golf ClubUnited States111Great Britain & IrelandUS:s Jack Westland; GB&I: Charles Lawrie
1959MuirfieldUnited States93Great Britain & IrelandUnited States: Charles Coe; GB&I: Gerald Micklem
1957The Minikahda ClubUnited StatesGreat Britain & IrelandUnited States: Charles Coe; GB&I: Gerald Micklem
1955Old Course at St AndrewsUnited States102Great Britain & IrelandUS: William C. Campbell; GB&I: G. Alec Hill
1953The Kittansett ClubUnited States93Great Britain & IrelandUS: Charles R. Yates; GB&I: A.A. Duncan
1951Royal Birkdale Golf ClubUnited StatesGreat Britain & IrelandUS: Willie Turnesa; GB&I: Raymond Oppenheimer
1949Winged Foot Golf ClubUnited States102Great Britain & IrelandUS: Francis Ouimet; GB&I: Percy Lucas
1947Old Course at St AndrewsUnited States84Great Britain & IrelandUS: Francis Ouimet; GB&I: John B. Beck
1940-46:Not held due to World War II     
1938Old Course at St AndrewsGreat Britain & IrelandUnited StatesUS: Francis Ouimet; GB&I: John B. Beck
1936Pine Valley Golf ClubUnited States10½Great Britain & IrelandUS: Francis Ouimet; GB&I: William Tweddell
1934Old Course at St AndrewsUnited StatesGreat Britain & IrelandUS: Francis Ouimet; GB&I: Michael Scott
1932The Country ClubUnited StatesGreat Britain & IrelandUS: Francis Ouimet; GB&I: T.A. Torrance
1930Royal St George’s Golf ClubUnited States102Great Britain & IrelandUS: Bobby Jones; GB&I: Roger Wethered
1928Chicago Golf ClubUnited States111Great Britain & IrelandUS:  Bobby Jones; GB&I William Tweddell
1926Old Course at St AndrewsUnited StatesGreat Britain & IrelandUS: Robert A. Gardner; GB&I Robert Harris
1924Garden City Golf ClubUnited States93Great Britain & IrelandUS:  Robert A. Gardner; GB&I Cyril Tolley
1923Old Course at St AndrewsUnited StatesGreat Britain & IrelandUS: Robert A. Gardner; GB&I Robert Harris
1922National Golf Links of AmericaUnited States84Great Britain & IrelandUS: William C. Fownes; GB&I Robert Harris

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