A Warm October Round of Golf

Green Oaks, 18th Hole
Green Oaks, 18th Hole

It was unusually warm yesterday, reaching as high as 80 degrees. We do not often see that on a mid-October day in Michigan. While it was windy, cloud cover was minimal, so it seemed warmer than it was.

In spite of the warm weather we have had thus far this fall, the leaves were out in full force. I lost several balls in plain site in the middle of fairways. There is simply no way a course can keep up with them. Every time the wind blew, new drifts of leaves tumbled across the fairway. Long shadows and the disappearing light of day also made the task of tracking balls difficult.

Green Oaks 16th Hole
Green Oaks, 16th Hole

I take full advantage of every day like this. In Michigan it all can turn very quickly to wintry weather and the end of the golf season.

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