Washtenaw County Golf Course Reviews

Washtenaw County Golf Course Reviews
The sixteenth at Leslie Park is a 495 yard par five

Washtenaw County Golf Course Reviews

By my reckoning, Washtenaw County, Michigan has thirty golf courses, twenty-five of which are either public or semi-private.

Washtenaw County is home to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Other towns in Washtenaw County include Ypsilanti, home of Eastern Michigan University; Saline; Chelsea; Dexter and; Whitmore Lake.

The city of Ann Arbor maintains two courses (Leslie Park and Huron Hills), as does the University of Michigan (the University course, which is right across from Michigan Stadium, and Radrick Farms, on the city’s outskirts). While the University of Michigan Courses are ostensibly only for students, faculty, employees and alumni, I have never had anyone challenge my presence there. Washtenaw County Parks and Rerceation offers a very nice course called Pierce Lake, in Chelsea. Washtenaw County also is the home of one of the Huron-Clinton MetroPark Courses, Hudson Mills. Ypsilanti Township owns a muni called Green Oak.

The remaining courses are public daily fee or private.

My favorite Washtenaw County courses are the University of Michigan course, a fine Alister MacKenzie design; Washtenaw Country Club, which dates to 1899 and is the third oldest club in Michigan; and Green Oaks,  which is my home course.

A list of Washtenaw County golf courses follows, with links to my reviews. I have actually played all of the courses on the list (except the private ones as noted) and will fill in the reviews as time permits.

Brae Burn Golf Course Review

Brookside Golf Course Review

Downing Farms Golf Course

Eagle Crest Golf Course Review

Fox Hills Golf Course

Georgetown Country Club (9 hole, par 3)

Golden Fox Golf Course Review

Green Oaks Golf Course Review

Hickory Creek Golf Course Review

Hickory Sticks Golf Course Review  (closed 2009)

Hudson Mills Golf Course Review

Huron Hills Golf Course

Lake Forest Golf Club Review

Leslie Park Golf Course Review

Links At Whitmore Lake Golf Course Review

Moose Ridge Golf Course Review

Pierce Lake Golf Course Review

Pine View Golf Course Review

Salem Hills Golf Course Review

Radrick Farms Golf Course (Semi-Private)

Reddeman Farms Golf Club Review

Rolling Meadows Golf Course Review

Rustic Glen Golf Course Review

Stonebridge Golf Club Review

Travis Pointe Country Club (Private)

University of Michigan Golf Course Review (Semi-Private)

Washtenaw Golf Club (Semi-Private)


Private clubs I have not played (but would love an invitation)

Ann Arbor Golf and Outing Club

Barton Hills Golf Club

Inverness Country Club

Polo Fields Golf and Country Club


Washtenaw County Golf Course Reviews was first published September 12, 2017


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