Washtenaw Golfers Win The Post Cup In November 1901

Washtenaw Golfers Win The Post Cup - 1901

Washtenaw Golfers Win The Post Cup In November 1901

There is snow on the ground today, but on this day 120 years ago, The C.W. Post Intercity Challenge golf tournament was underway in Battle Creek. The contest was won by Washtenaw Country Club golfers, who defeated Waniken Golf Club of Kalamazoo by one hole. Five teams participated in the tournament.

Washtenaw Country Club is still around as the Washtenaw Golf Club (link). Wanikan, to the best of my knowledge is lost to time.

In papers of the time “Wanikan” was said to be an Indian word for “hole in the ground.” I have my doubts. But the word was apparently in common use. There also was a Wanikan Golf Club in the Metro Detroit Area

Newspaper weather reports for the day indicate the sky was “fair” but that temperatures were in the mid 40s F. There was snow along the west coast of the state.

I imagine the wool pants and jackets golfers of that era wore kept them fairly warm and dry. Even with all the high tech fabrics now available, wool blends still stand out. Wool is moisture wicking and stays warm while damp. A good wool weave will keep out the worst of wind, cold and rain.

There’s a reason why wool is such a big thing in Scotland.

Even so, it can be hard to play when temperatures are in the mid-forties. I regularly play golf in those kind of conditions, but few others do. (check out my cold weather golf advice). I have a “no snow, good to go” policy. Luckily for me, there are quite a few courses in the Metro Detroit area that are open most of the year, including Washtenaw.

If you’re interested in reading more about early Michigan golf competitions follow the previous link to an article on the subject.

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