Washtenaw Country Club May Have Found A Savior

The Ann Arbor Chronicle is reporting that the embattled Washtenaw Country Club may have found a savior in the Berger Family, owners of the Polo Fields golf club just outside Ann Arbor. The Bergers would acquire the club by paying off $900,000 of the $1.9 million owed

Washtenaw currently is unable to pay its $1.9 million debt due to declining membership, mostly stemming from renovations a decade ago.

If this deal doesn’t go through, the club would close in January. Washtenaw Country Club was founded in 1899, and is the second oldest in Michigan.

4 thoughts on “Washtenaw Country Club May Have Found A Savior”

  1. The Polo Fields is losing members in the same manner as Washtenaw Country Club… So how can Polo Fields buy them? They can’t. The only thing that will happen is they’ll file for BK down the road. Let it go back to nature or something else. Polo Fields will want the bank give it to them for nothing.

  2. This doesn’t make sense to me. How can one failing golf club purchase another? Let it go back to nature. Polo Fields has it’s own issues to resolve. That won’t happen any time soon. In an economy such as this one, a golf membership means very little to those with common sense. $4,000 a year can make a big difference in many lives. Be smart with your money. This just isn’t smart. In fact, it borders on insanity. Let it go already.


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