Washtenaw County Golf Course For Sale

I ran across this item in Craig’s List advertising a Washtenaw, MI County Golf Course for sale:

Well established golf course with 18 holes, clubhouse, includes all necessary equipment, ready to open this spring. Great staff to operate for you if needed.
Can finance with large down payment. 1.95 Million OBO All inquires held confidential.

I wonder which one it is.

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4 thoughts on “Washtenaw County Golf Course For Sale”

  1. Hickory Creek is another good choice.  My guess is the price would not reflect the course and small clubhouse but, instead, the potential development value.

  2. Facinating!  Ann Arbor Country Club essentially sold for $600,000 (the cost of the $1,700,000 note sold by the bank).

    So what club is worth almost 3 and 1/2 times more? I doubt it would be one of the outlying courses (Reddeman, Rustic Glen).  I don’t see a government entity selling a course on Craig’s List much less without voter approval and hearings.  Hickory Sticks has been closed too long to be “ready to open”.

    My guess – Lake Forest with #2 being Brookside (as potential development land).


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