Weather Underground Gizmo For Your Blog

The Weather Underground (the weather website, not Obama’s terrorist friend Bill Ayers) has a neat weather gadget that you can add to your blog or club website. All you have to do is enter the name of your club and the zip and they’ll provide the html cut to copy and paste into your site.

You can see it in action at the bottom of the middle column on the front page of this site. I think it’s well done.

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2 thoughts on “Weather Underground Gizmo For Your Blog”

  1. After your totally stupid caption above about Obama and his terrorist “friend” Bill Ayers, guess I will have to find another site.

  2. I guess you’re too ignorant to know of Ayers participation in terrorist activities as a member of the Weather Underground (aka Weathermen) in the 1960s. The only reason he and Bernadine Dorn escaped a lifetime in prison for killing police and security guards was a botched prosecution. Ayers has admitted his terrorist activities. Obama calls him a “friend.”

    So—Obama’s terrorist friend is an accurate description.

    And given that the name of the website is a deliberate play on the terrorist group’s name (since both had their origins at the University of Michigan), that joke is actually funny to anyone with a sense of humor.


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