Week Two Of “Before The First Swing”

Week Two Of “Before The First Swing”

In week two of my “Before The First Swing” training at Body Specs, Coach Skip Bunton amped up the difficulty.

I started the session with sets on a climber, followed by rotational resistance work, then foam board ankle and balance work. It was topped off with performing a series of upper body figure eight movements with a bar.

Sets with kettlebells followed, including the one pictured above. That killed me. It involved bending downward, while the weight side leg extends out. Then, the extended leg swings forward without pausing into an extended crouch (see the photo below). From there, the goal is to return to the extension in a single smooth motion.

I found it hard to keep my balance on the move back.

But that’s what Coach Bunton’s program is about. Keeping balance through body and weight shifts strengthens the core.

After two sessions, I am convinced that I’ll be in a better position with core strength and balance heading into the full golf season.

You can find Coach Bunton and his Body Specs program in the former exercise building at Washtenaw Golf Club.

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